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Dog Abandoned In Subway Station After Owners Got What They Wanted Out Of Her

15 September 2016 1679 views
Sarah Borok was on her way home from work one day when she saw this in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue subway station. The dog was tied to the handrail and left all alone.

It was determined the dog had been there for over an hour as passersby ignored the poor girl.
But Sarah didn’t ignore her. She waited for the police to arrive then took the dog to Mr. Bones & Co. animal rescue.
Despite being only two years old, they could tell Betsey had already given birth to several litters of puppies. She was a ‘throwaway mama,’ a dog bred repeatedly and then abandoned.

Based on sores on her joints and overgrown nails, they could tell she’d been kept in a tiny crate most of her life. Between that and being used to have as many puppies as possible, her life had been rough.

The animal rescue took Betsey in right away and cleaned her up. Later on, she spent her first night in loving arms.

Staying with Sarah that night was likely the first time the dog felt safe and comfortable. Betsey was exhausted but happy to be there.

While at the shelter Betsey got along with all of the other dogs, so they don’t anticipate any behavioral problems. Now, she waits for her forever home.

Source = pawmygosh