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Dog Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter

09 February 2017 530 views
Look at that face! This is the face of one happy dog! His name is Meatball. He goes by Meaty, and he is a pit bull mix.

Two years ago, his face told a different story. Two years ago, Meaty didn’t even have a name, he was just a number and lived in a shelter. Fresno Bully Rescue posted a picture of Meaty online, and Lisa Reilly saw it. Lisa went to the shelter to meet Meaty.

Soon after, Lisa brought Meaty home to meet his new canine siblings. Bitty and Dappe are dachshunds. Punky and Ricardo Tubbs are rescued pit bulls.

Meaty fit right in. As if the couch had a spot just for him!

Lisa said Meaty is low to the ground and has a wide body. He got his name “Meatball” because of the way he would barrel into people – like a bowling ball.

He has other nicknames besides Meaty. Sometimes he is called Master. If he goes to work with Lisa’s husband at the police department, he goes by McMeat the Crime Fighting Dog.

Meaty’s true passion seems to be showing off his gorgeous smile for the camera! Meaty will work for treats and his highly motivated to get his payment! Pink PJ’s for the tough guy.

Looking dapper in his canine suit!

Ho Ho Ho! Where is my plate of treats?

Meaty has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram.

But he hasn’t let the fame go to his head!

When he isn’t working he likes to goof off and spend quality time with his family!

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