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Woman Who Duct Taped Her Dog’s Muzzle When He “Won’t Shut Up” Taken Into Custody

04 October 2016 2328 views
A woman from Florida named Katie has angered thousands of animal lovers when she posted a photo of her dog whose mouth was duct taped shut. According to her Facebook post, her Chocolate Lab just “won’t shut up” so she came up with a deranged idea to stop it: taping her dog’s snout shut. Katie was so pleased by her cruel efforts, that she took a photo and shared it on her Facebook page… with the caption: “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!!”

According to the report by Orlando Sentinel, the woman is out of the state with her dog when the photo was posted. They are currently investigating this case and will contact her as soon as she returns.
Ms. Brown’s Facebook page has a lot of photos of her dog and other pet animals as well. The police have spoken to the woman’s son who said that the dogs are in good health and cared for. As of the moment, the photo has been removed from her Facebook page.

Although she may not feel remorse for what she has done, SHE WILL face animal cruelty charges for her actions when the police discover her whereabouts.