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Doctors Keep Baby Born 3 Months Premature Alive With A Sandwich Baggie

31 January 2017 1338 views

For a new mom-to-be, there isn’t much more terrifying than unexpectedly going into labor a lot earlier than the baby’s due date.

Luckily for 29-year-old mom, Rhiannon Shades of Bedford, England, quick-thinking doctors came up with a genius solution to save her daughter’s life after she was born very prematurely.

Earlier this year, Shades gave birth at just 24 weeks to tiny baby girl Emily, who was born naturally, still inside her amniotic sac. Worried that she may not survive, doctors decided to place the pint-sized preemie inside a plastic sandwich baggie to keep her warm and safe.

“She was placed into a tiny plastic bag to keep her warm as her skin was so thin she couldn’t stabilize her own temperature”, the mom told Express.

Her baby girl was just 1.2 pounds when she arrived three months early. “I couldn’t even comprehend how small she was, it wasn’t until she was placed in my arms that I realized the seriousness of the situation,” Rhiannon Shades told Express. “She was such a little fighter and even tried to breathe on her own as soon as she was born.”

With help from her boyfriend, Fane Henderson, 30, Shades  started a blog to help other parents in the same situation and to help themselves get through the difficult first days of Emily’s life, when they were unsure whether their baby would survive.

Rhiannon’s 4-year-old daughter Alexandra gave her baby sister a teddy bear not much bigger than the baby to keep Emily safe in her incubator.

On her blog, the mom wrote that her daughter started breathing on her own after a few days without a ventilator and things slowly got better from there.