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A Lone Deer Finds A Clearing In The Woods, But Watch Her Belly When She Lies Down...

26 September 2016 11824 views
Anthony Martin is a French filmmaker who strives to capture beautiful moments in the world, not only the world of humans, but the world of animals, too. While on the shore of France, he saw a deer running around in the water and the waves. He followed the deer into the woods because he’d noticed that she was pregnant.

Well, the deer found a clearing and laid down to give birth, and that miracle of nature and life was captured by Anthony Martin so that now we can all watch the process of life coming into existence out in nature. It’s a truly magical moment that I’m sure will resonate with everyone who watches it.

The calm and quiet of a birth like this is completely different than our understanding of human births in hospitals. Everything about this moment seems to be shrouded in wonder. Share away, people.

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