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Custom Officials Get Suspicious About A Shipment Then They Discover The Saddest Thing Ever

23 January 2017 1425 views
The hawksbill sea turtle is critically endangered. Estimates have there being only about 15,000 nesting females left. If those turtles die out – the entire species will be gone – forever. Those that are left can be found swimming the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, according to National Geographic.

The turtles will stay near the shore. They will grow to be about 150 pounds in weight and approximately 45 inches in shell length to feed on sponges and stay close to nesting areas. They are not considered to be very large sea turtles.

These lovely creatures are endangered because of humans. Hawksbill eggs are eaten around the world despite the fact that the animals are endangered. The adult turtles are killed for their meat too and for their shells.

Recently in China’s Guangxi region over 100 hawksbill sea turtle shells were found. Smugglers had the shells filled with cotton. In all, there were 109 shells lined up on the sidewalk.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has the trade or purchasing of any real hawksbill shell as an illegal activity. But, it is still being done. You can often find the shells for sale online or at international markets.

It is sold with the name “Tortoise-shell.” The shells can be made into jewelry. There is an unusually high demand for tortoiseshell products in China. But, hawksbill turtles are not the only ones hunted – all sea turtles are hunted and killed for their meat and shells.