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Cop Finds Puppy In Monster's Motel Room. Then They Realize The Unthinkable...

09 September 2016 27615 views
It was unthinkable. When police officers raided the motel room, they discovered a drug addict and his dog, Bubba. Just a 7-month-old Jack Russell terrier and Chihuahua mix, OC Animal Care officers were shocked when a blood test concluded the dog was high on methamphetamine and heroin.

Sometimes, it is truly unbelievable what people will do to a poor innocent animal…

His former owner was arrested, and thank goodness those at OC Animal Care took Bubba in. Today, the small dog is completely drug-free and bouncing around, happy as ever.

“We’ve had him here for four months,” said Katie Ingram of OC Animal Care, “We’ve been testing him. And he did test positive for methamphetamine at one point, but last week, we found out it cleared out of his system, and he’s very healthy. And he’s ready for adoption.”

When the horrific news story broke, one couple happened to be watching the news. They were so horrified at what Bubba’s owner did that they went down to OC Animal Care and adopted him!

CBS2 happened to be there to capture the wonderful moment Bubba was first held by his new mommy and daddy.

The small pup will now be free to spend his days happy and healthy, with his new big sister, a German shepherd named Stella.

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