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Concerned Woman’s Facebook Post Leads To The Rescue Of 13 Dogs And Cats

06 January 2017 477 views

Cassandra Clark of Dallas was taking her dog on his everyday stroll when she discovered a tragic scene. On a condo’s balcony, she found a Husky who’d been shut outside in the blistering Texas heat for several hours.

“That dog’s been outside and I haven’t seen any water,” she stated in a story by CBS DFW.

Several days later, she found the very same Husky, confined to the same balcony, but this time the situation was a lot worse. He was locked in a very small crate, so small that he couldn’t actually stand or sit up properly.

“He’s in a small crate and all hunched down,” she explained. “He’s crying. He’s wailing his little heart out,” she stated in the story.

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Scared for the dog’s well-being, she got in touch with Dallas Animal Services, and called 911 to receive emergency help. Neither of them could come out in time.

“They said it’d be a 24 hour response,” she told CBS. “I said, the dog’s gonna be dead by then.”

Eager for help, she took a picture of the mistreated dog, and shared it on Facebook, calling out to local animal rights activists. Incredibly, Clark’s plan did the trick, because the post went viral and it was shared around 700 times by angered and concerned animal lovers. Thankfully, it was found by a local rescue who went in to help.

They sent a volunteer to the area and discovered that the condo kept not one, but two Huskies, as well as 4 cats and 7 kittens!

“They said, ‘Yea, there were 13 animals in that little condo,’” Clark described in the news story.

Unsurprisingly, the owner wasn’t very connected to her pets, because she gave up the animals, permitting the rescue to take all of them into safety.

Why any person would continue to keep an animal who is obviously unwanted will almost always be a mystery to all of us. Fortunately for these cats and dogs, somebody else was looking out for all of them.

“You never know what you’re gonna find. You have to speak for those who can’t speak,” Clark explained to CBS DFW.

We applaud this concerned animal lover who went the extra mile to help save not only one, but thirteen animals! It’s equally important to keep in mind that to any individual out there who’s mistreating animals, there are numerous other kindhearted people who are going to do everything they can to help.