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Compassionate Pup Refuses To Leave Dying Friend, Proving A Dog’s Loyalty Is Unbreakable

23 September 2016 2133 views
On March 18, the SPCA in Durban, South Africa got a concerned call about two dogs who had apparently been hit by a train. When people arrived on the scene, it turned out that only one dog was injured. The other puppy, who was later named Hero, had refused to leave his friends side.

He snuggled her and took special care of her. He even scavenged food and brought it back to her. It was a really touching sight. When inspector Moloi of the SPCA picked up his friend and carried her to the car, Hero followed them the whole way.

Tragically, Hero’s friend had suffered spinal injuries that forced the SPCA to humanely euthanize her. Hero was taken in, however, and put up for adoption. In his adoption notice, the SPCA emphasized the amazing story that had led them to come into contact with Hero.

Hundreds of adoption applications started to flow into the Durban SPCA, but Shiri Connor was the lucky woman who got to take Hero home with her. She said that after hearing about the super hero of a puppy she knew that she had to go and meet him.

The next day, on their way to school, she told her three children that she was going to go and meet the heroic dog. She said that Hero has turned out to be everything that she ever thought that he could be.

Hero has made a wonderful addition to their family, and he’s now living a very happy and fulfilled life.

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