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She Holds Out Her Hand, But When THIS Comes Out Of The Water? My Jaw Dropped!

23 September 2016 27944 views
People go out into the ocean to be blown away by seeing the magic of nature. More often than not, though, majestic sights out in the middle of the deep blue waters are a rare occurrence. Well, imagine the shock these boaters must have felt when not only did they seem something magic, but they had it come right up to them to say hello.

In Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon a gray whale and her baby came up to a boat filled with tourists. One World One Ocean captured this occurrence on video and uploaded it to YouTube for people to see. Now, the video has racked up more than eight million views. The mother whale actually pushes her baby up out of the water so that he can see the humans who are looking back at him!

It makes you wonder if the whales were going on a wildlife expedition of their very own. Share away, people!

Source = heroviral