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Cat Walks Over And Smells His Feet, But Watch The Cat’s Reaction… OMG, Too Funny!!

24 September 2016 2631 views
LOL this is one of the most funniest videos I’ve ever seen! This little kitten was standing on the couch when he decided to be more playful. So he jumped down to play with his fluffy toy when suddenly he smelled a horrendous smell! Where was it coming from? He took a quick sniff at his daddy’s feet and his reaction? Priceless!

It’s like he said, “Oh, oh my. Oh I need to rest my head. Oh that was awful!” Yep that’s exactly what the cat would have said if he could talk, but like they say, action speaks louder than words, you have to see this fur ball’s reaction and you’ll definitely laugh out loud, like the woman did in the video!

Yep this happens and because a cat’s nose is extra sensitive, their reaction to whatever they smell is magnified, as in this case! Share away, people!

Source -heroviral