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This Cat Wasn't Moving, But When They Neared Her, They Were Shocked

20 September 2016 2766 views
This is a brave story of a cat named Forest who was chained-up and left to die in the outskirts of Texas. Does it make you cringe in horror? Well, it is just the tip of the truth, friends. Janet Zimmerman, a rescue from Cooper’s Cat Commune Rescue was searching for a lost dog in the woods when she first heard Forest’s meows.

Janet traced the sound and found the cat in the most shocking and inhumane plight. The little cat was literally chained to a tree in the thorny bushes circled by the dense woods. Now who would do this to a cat? Why? This is so cruel I cried.

It is apparent that the one-year old Forest was left to die because he was not only chained, there also was a padlock around his neck to stop him from escaping. Taken aback by the shock, the crew realised that this rescue was animal cruelty at its extreme and needed police intervention. Going by the horrific perspective of the culprit, none knows if Forest was bait for bigger animals or another Halloween sacrifice in the woods. Yeah you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Janet unchained him quick and rushed him to the hospital nearby. Recovering at the animal shelter, Forest has inspired the entire crew at the shelter to find him his forever loving home. Meanwhile, Forest is enjoying all the attention by demanding and giving magic cuddles to every person, he meets. So if you want one, rush now!

The recent update from the shelter was that Forest has turned infamous and is one of the most sought-after pets at present. He will soon be placed in his forever loving home. Now only Forest knows the horrors that he has been through and we hope no cat ever experiences the same. If you were, touched by Forest’s brave story, share it with your friends too.

Source = heroviral