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This Kitty Brings A Gift Back To His Owner, Just Watch And See What It Is… How Sweet Is This?!

22 September 2016 1103 views
Before we go ahead, I want to confess that my kitty brings me smelly socks and twigs. I don’t know what her obsession is with socks or twigs, but that’s what I get, for being her staff. The story of this kitty is rare, really rare. She doesn’t bring her human smelly or dead things. She loves her staff so much, she appreciates them so much that she’s learned how to brighten up their day… for more kibble in the night.

As soon as the door opens, you’ll see a kitty with massive eyes carrying something red in her mouth, is that a piece of cloth? Nope! That’s a flower! Yes, can you imagine the expression on her human’s face when she sees her kitty bringing back flowers? Not only does she bring flowers, she also brings back sticks, leaves and basically anything plant related!

I think it’s about time I showed my cat this video. She can continue bringing twigs, but the socks have to stop. Really, they do. Share away, people!

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