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Carriage Horse Collapsed On The Street, But Driver Showed No Mercy At All

13 September 2016 9792 views
Norman, a 14-year-old carriage horse, collapsed from exhaustion at a busy Midtown intersection in New York. The driver of the carriage was in no hurry to help Norman and even stood there screaming at him. I was 2 a.m. on Sept. 2 when Bogdan Paul Angheluta took pictures of Norman and the angry driver.

Angheluta said he saw the driver push the horse to make the green light. Norman collapsed and was breathing hard and slow – he was exhausted. A police SUV blocked the intersection and Angheluta cradled the 1,400-pound horses head in his arms and tried to help him calm down.

The driver said Norman tripped and fell, and a spokeswoman from the carriage industry said Norman is a klutz. Angheluta sent his pictures to the NYPD and the Health Department and the Mayor. A veterinarian investigated the incident and a Health spokesman, Christopher Miller, reported that Norman did indeed trip and fall.

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Source = heroviral