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He Spotted A Rabbit In His Yard One Day That Sent Chills Down His Spine

13 September 2016 47122 views
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about bunnies? Let me guess, epic fluffiness? Fluffy tails? Long ears? Well, let me tell you, chances are, you’ve never seen this kind of bunny before and it’s heartbreaking, honestly. This Redditor always has bunnies visit him, but one day when he saw this bunny, he was shocked. You would be too, trust me.

When he first saw the bunny, everything seemed to be okay, but when he saw the face, he ran. The bunny was covered in horns. No, the bunny wasn’t born with horns, in fact he was suffering from a virus called “cottontail rabbit papillomavirus” (CRPV). Those aren’t horns, they’re actually massive tumors that prevent the rabbit from eating, literally starving them to death.

Seeing this kind of bunny, it’s understandable that people will be scared of them, but instead of running away, we should feel sorry for them. Those tumors are actually growing and the more they grow, the lesser the bunny would survive… Share away, people.