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Brave Dog Walker Risks Her Life To Rescue Puppy From Freezing Lake

04 February 2017 484 views

When a little dog began chasing a bird across a boating lake at Alexandra Palace in north London, he ran into trouble. 

The tiny pup fell right into the frozen water and became trapped. An onlooker told The Sun, “I was at the cafe getting a herbal tea when I heard this massive commotion. I went out and saw there was a dog in the middle of the lake through the ice.” 

“People said the dog had chased a bird onto the ice and fallen through,” she continued. Almost immediately, the dog’s babysitter jumped into the freezing water to save the dog’s life. 

The onlooker told The Sun“I saw a girl at the side take off a green jacket and her shoes and she jumped in. She had to smash through the ice and the dog was about ten metres away she had to smash through to get to it.”

Once she got the dog to the side and he was lifted out, she got out of the water. “A girl who worked at the cafe got her some dry clothes and then got driven home,” the woman said. 

While the dog walker is unidentified, she was very brave to jump in after the dog because she could have experienced frostbite herself. 

Luckily, the tiny dog was young and in good health, and neither the walker or the dog suffered any injuries. 

We praise this young woman for being so courageous!

What would have done if this happened to a dog you were babysitting? 

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