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This Boy Finds Six Big “Rats” Behind A Church. One Year Later They Look Completely Different.

09 September 2016 30498 views
When Ken was 8 years old, he founded his own animal shelter in the Philippines! The shelter was named Happy Animals Club and so far, dozens of animals have been taken in by the shelter.

Ken, now 11-years old, usually nurses all the animals that come to his shelter back to health. When Hyena first came to the shelter, she was terrified and in poor health.

Happy Animals Club also takes in stray cats, like Ceiling. When Ceiling was found, he was covered in fleas, famished, and filthy.

In December of 2014, Ken had six puppies that were all in terrible shape – they don’t even look like dogs at all. They sort of look like very large rats.

Ken put them on some medication and fed them. Because they were furless no one wanted to touch them – but Ken nursed them back to health. He named them after scientists. This pup gets his name, Bohr, from Niels Bohr.

Ken and his Animal Club have received support from around the world! Around 40 animals are living at the shelter and a staff of volunteers help Ken with his charges!

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Source : heroviral.com