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Blind Elephant Cries As She Says Goodbye To Her Oldest Friend

15 September 2016 1160 views
The passing of a close friend is perhaps the hardest trial that any of us will ever have to go through in our lives. Elephant Jokia is experiencing that difficult loss right now. She and her best friend Mae Perm have been together for over 17 years, when they were saved from forced labor and taken into Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park.

When they arrived at the Park, Jokia was blind, but her friend Mae Perm would lead her all about the landscape. For nearly two decades these two friends have been entirely inseparable. Sadly this week Mae Perm died from old age, leaving Jokia all on her own.

The heartbreak that Jokia is feeling is equal to any human pain. In this video you can hear her moaning and crying, and the sound is likely to break your heart.

The workers at the Elephant Natural Park tried their best to give Jokia plenty of time with Mae Perm before taking the passed elephant for burial. Jokia stood over Mae Perm for six hours. During that time she cried and nuzzled Mae Perm’s body.

Jokia didn’t for much of the day, but when she went to get food, the Park staff sadly had to take Mae Perm’s body for burial. Everyone at the Park is feeling grief, but none more than Jokia.

Pak employees are doing everything they can to help Jokia through this hard time, and they all hope that she will find another friend of her kind who can help her move forwards and onwards through life.

But, of course, no matter what happens, Mae Perm will never be forgotten. Share away, people.

Source = heroviral