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Beasts Poached This Baby Chimp’s Mother And Left Her Begging And Reaching Out For Help

13 February 2017 1104 views

This is Mado. She was found wandering alone in an African village. They think her mother had been poached and sold as a pet. Wild animals are not pets. If you want a pet – get a cat or a dog. Maybe a hamster or a bird. Animals living in the wild have lives that need to be respected.

This poor baby’s mother was taken, and now Mado is alone. She was seen crying and reaching out for someone to help her.

Lwiro Primates is a sanctuary and rehabilitation center working out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They rushed to help Mado – but they were only able to do it with donations from people around the world. Score one for humanity there!

Mado is safe, and Lwiro Primates has promised to keep everyone up to date with her progress. The illegal pet trade is a huge problem.

Adam Roberts, the CEO of Born Free USA, stated that many of the animals that are taken to be sold into the illegal exotic pet trade will die in transit.

So what is the point? Please don’t support the exotic pet trade. There are millions of homeless animals living in shelters that need homes. We don’t need to rip apart animal families to have an exotic pet. Watch the video that Lwiro Primates posted.

As you can see, the primates in their care are respected and loved. But wouldn’t it be nice if they were free too? Free to live in the wild.