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She's Never Seen Another Elephant Before. Now Watch When She Turns Around...

17 September 2016 2927 views
It’s hard to imagine that even the largest animals in our world sometimes need the help and care of humans. If you look at a creature as large as an elephant, you might find it unthinkable that it isn’t able to care for itself all the time. It might even be more unbelievable that humans are able to abuse and harm these majestic creatures.

Sadly, that is sometimes the case. But all is not so bad. There are people who fight to protect elephants and other large creatures in the world. In Chang Mai, Thailand, there is a shelter for elephants who have been abused and forced into hard labor. It also serves as a place for elephants to hide away from poachers.

There, elephants can live happily and peacefully with plenty of land to stretch out in and explore. It’s basically Eden for elephants! Share away, people.