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All Caged Up: Former Entertainment Horse Has NEVER Been Let Out!

10 January 2017 668 views
Animals, such as horses trained, groomed and kept solely for human entertainment have a short attention span. When deemed as longer useful, they are quick to be abandoned, uncared for and even mistreated. Horses out of the entertainment business are usually shackled or confined to their stables without the freedom to roam.

Animals facing such misery after a hard phrase in life should be given the right treatment instead of living a life behind bars.

This is a horse named See My Magic, a walking horse breed originating from the middle region of Tennessee.

Look at her – the poor thing is all caged up.

With increasingly popular choices of using elephants and horses within show biz, these animals are in turn, abused for entertainment. Retiring from such an industry do not bid the animal well either.

See My Magic has angled pads nailed to the bottom of his hooves – this causes him continuous yet agonizing discomfort. Imagine wearing platform shoes and never taking them off.

He has remained still locked and bolted up in Pierce County located near Roy, Walsh.

See My Magic’s dire state has raised both questions and eyebrows – why is the horse treated like this even though it has already retired due to medical reasons? Concern, animal control reports and relocation offers have been filled and poured in from people everywhere, to no avail.

Case closed?

Luckily, a GoFundMe petition has been organised online in order to raise funds to spur See My Magic’s release – the horse is now finally free after years of torment.

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