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Abandoned Dog Tries To Keep Warm After Being Tossed Out With Old Trash In Extreme Weather

25 December 2016 573 views
It is freezing cold in Detroit, Michigan. Makes sense since it is December and all. But, there was a dog outside – that does not make sense. It is too cold for dogs to be wandering the streets alone. Terri Looby saw the dog and wanted to help.

Looby volunteers at the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) and spent her lunch break one day with a co-worker looking for the dog. They found the dog lying on a pile of trash.

The dog, a pit bull mix, was curled into a tight ball trying to stay warm. Looby and her friend got out of the car and talked to the dog. He wagged his tail and seemed to be friendly.
They were able to get him to jump into the back seat of the car.

The women offered the dog a chicken patty, he was very grateful! They started to call him Ollie-Loo.

A neighbor told Looby that the dogs family had been kicked out of their home a week ago.

The family took the smaller dog but left Ollie-Loo behind. Ollie-Loo was examined by a vet. They found he had a broken femur and the break was recent.

Ollie-Loo will need a plate in his leg to connect the bone back together. The vet estimated that Ollie-Loo is only about a year and a half old.

Why would his family leave him behind? Well, that doesn’t matter now. Ollie-Loo is safe and warm and is getting a lot of TLC while he waits for his surgery.

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